We’ve moved!!!!!

Due to the crafty nature that this blog has taken on, I have decided to move to a more appropriate blog. Please come visit us!!!!!!!


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I love lamp!

I finally got to redo my navy blue lamp.  I like navy blue and all, it just doesn’t fit with my house.  This project cost about $7 and many many many hot glue gun burns.  I had a change of plans due to these injuries…there would be less rosettes in the back up plan.  Leave a comment if you like the project…I love comments!

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Office Makeover Reveal

Here it is!!!! I am so happy with how it turned out! Of course, I have a few more things to add, and I will update you as those come along.

Now for my favorite part!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have always wanted jars for my craft supplies.  After years of seeing them in all my favorite magazines, I finally have the perfect room to have my own!  I found these containers at Wal-mart for super cheap.  I was pleasantly surprised, because I was sure I would have to visit my not so local craft stores. YAY!Would you believe that this project was done for under $200? Well, BELIEVE IT!

I love sharing my bargains, and I hope that they can help you find affordable ways to do the projects that you want to do! So, here is how we did this makeover for that ridiculously reasonable price.

Cabinets: Our realtor informed us of a cabinet warehouse that had a “cabinet graveyard” in the back.  We purchased the upper cabinets for $70.  The lower cabinets are actually two bathroom vanities put next to each other.  Each vanity cost $20, so our total for all of the cabinets was $110.  When you go to a “graveyard” or “seconds”, it takes a combination of luck and good searching. If you are local and want to know about this place, email me and I would love to share.

Counter tops: Now, I know what you are thinking…She is already at $110, how is she going to fit in countertops, paint, etc. for under $200? The countertops are actually wood doors and were $27 a piece.  The doors we chose were not solid wood, but for just a little more money you could get the solid doors for a more sturdy counter top.  I am probably going to get a piece of glass cut to put on top that way I’ll be able to do crafts there without worry of ruining the wood.

Workstation legs: The height of the bathroom vanity was a little taller than your typical table height, so we had to be a little creative to find legs for the table portion.  After searching Lowes we found stair spindles that could be cut to fit the exact needed height. If I remember correctly they were around $4 a piece.

Other expenses: We used leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets, and I also already had the wood stain for the counter tops.  The only other thing we had to purchase was hardware to connect the counter tops together and a stud finder to hang the uppers.

I still have to purchase a taller stool and plan on making a slipcover for that.  I am also on the search for antique locker room baskets that will fit in the cubbies.  I plan on using those to hold all my different fabrics.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Our New Year’s Tradition

This is the second year in a row that mom and I have gone to Canton Trade Days on New Year’s weekend.  We have now decided that we will be making it a tradition.

Reasons why this is a great weekend to visit Canton Trade Days (AKA First Monday)           #1 Great sales in all the booths after Christmas                                                                         #2 You don’t have to book your hotel room very far in advance (plenty available)                #3 There are only a few people with strollers/dogs/carts as opposed to the usual      232,878,975,860,983,784,569,687,465,876                                                                                          #4 You don’t have to worry about choosing which New Year’s Eve party you will attend   #5 You get to wear tennis shoes instead of heels on New Year’s Eve                                      #6 When you want a corn dog/funnel cake/turkey leg/fried oreo, you don’t have to wait in line for 30 minutes!                                                                                                                          #7 You can get a first row parking spot                                                                                        #8 You can actually drive down the roads inside the trade days to pick up your items            without running over anyone!                                                                                                        #9 The vendors have time to visit with you and share some of their trade secrets            #10 You start a New Year off SHOPPING and getting BARGAINS!!!

Here are some photos of items we got this weekend. This is not everything I found, I am saving some of my favorites to show you later when I transform them. 

One of the best parts about Canton is the plethora of soup and dip mixes. Mom and I can’t resist all the samples!  This year I bought green fudge, an unbelievable chili mix, tortilla soup mix, and tangy buffalo gourmet popcorn (yes its already open and half empty!)Trade days are good for my soul.  My heart is happy when it is filled with design, decorating, and crafting ideas.  Trade days are also good for my stomach…not so much my jeans though 🙂  The food is “fair like” so you will find corn dogs, funnel cakes, tater twisters, turkey legs, fajitas, fried twinkies, fried oreos, etc.  If you ever attend with me you will find that my indulgence of choice is corn dogs, and I have one in my hand 75% of the time there.  Tonight when I got home I was already reminiscing about the days events so….Of course, this was no comparison to the real thing!

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Office Facelift

For as long as I have wanted a house, I have wanted a craft room.  Over the holidays, I have been slaving away turning our boring office into a craft room/office.  I don’t know why we really call it an office anyway, we don’t do any business there.  I guess if you file papers and have a computer then its an office? That’s irrelevant, anyway, it is almost complete!!!! I am super super excited about how it is turning out! Below you will find the boring old office picture, and you will have to check back with me on Sunday to see the complete project.  Between now and then I will be at First Monday Canton Trade Days!  This time mom and I are staying the night and shopping two days, unbelievably excited!

Please excuse the junk in the left corner, we were getting ready to revamp the space

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LMM Silhoutte Giveaway!!!!!

I can’t tell you how bad I want one of these babies!!!!!! There are so many different projects I have in mind once I get my hands on a Silhouette.  Head over to the website that triggered my obsession with craft blogs www.littlemissmomma.com and see how you can enter to win a silhouette for yourself! Can you believe she is giving one away!!!!!!

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Porter Kiddos

Believe it or not, I am actually going to post some photos I’ve done over the past year!  I bet you forgot that this was supposed to be a photography blog!  I did these photos this past spring for a dear friend of mine, Tracey.  Her son Jackson and daughter Kenna are too cute!!!  Tracey and her family have been such a huge part of my life (understatement!) and its an honor to get to photograph her kids. Fun fact: Kenna’s name was inspired by the combination of my friend Kyla’s name and my own. Kyla+Jena=Kenna

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