Office Facelift

For as long as I have wanted a house, I have wanted a craft room.  Over the holidays, I have been slaving away turning our boring office into a craft room/office.  I don’t know why we really call it an office anyway, we don’t do any business there.  I guess if you file papers and have a computer then its an office? That’s irrelevant, anyway, it is almost complete!!!! I am super super excited about how it is turning out! Below you will find the boring old office picture, and you will have to check back with me on Sunday to see the complete project.  Between now and then I will be at First Monday Canton Trade Days!  This time mom and I are staying the night and shopping two days, unbelievably excited!

Please excuse the junk in the left corner, we were getting ready to revamp the space

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2 Responses to Office Facelift

  1. Shanna says:

    I like the “before” and I can’t wait to see the after. 🙂 Have a super fun time in Canton and eat a roasted corn for me.

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