Office Makeover Reveal

Here it is!!!! I am so happy with how it turned out! Of course, I have a few more things to add, and I will update you as those come along.

Now for my favorite part!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have always wanted jars for my craft supplies.  After years of seeing them in all my favorite magazines, I finally have the perfect room to have my own!  I found these containers at Wal-mart for super cheap.  I was pleasantly surprised, because I was sure I would have to visit my not so local craft stores. YAY!Would you believe that this project was done for under $200? Well, BELIEVE IT!

I love sharing my bargains, and I hope that they can help you find affordable ways to do the projects that you want to do! So, here is how we did this makeover for that ridiculously reasonable price.

Cabinets: Our realtor informed us of a cabinet warehouse that had a “cabinet graveyard” in the back.  We purchased the upper cabinets for $70.  The lower cabinets are actually two bathroom vanities put next to each other.  Each vanity cost $20, so our total for all of the cabinets was $110.  When you go to a “graveyard” or “seconds”, it takes a combination of luck and good searching. If you are local and want to know about this place, email me and I would love to share.

Counter tops: Now, I know what you are thinking…She is already at $110, how is she going to fit in countertops, paint, etc. for under $200? The countertops are actually wood doors and were $27 a piece.  The doors we chose were not solid wood, but for just a little more money you could get the solid doors for a more sturdy counter top.  I am probably going to get a piece of glass cut to put on top that way I’ll be able to do crafts there without worry of ruining the wood.

Workstation legs: The height of the bathroom vanity was a little taller than your typical table height, so we had to be a little creative to find legs for the table portion.  After searching Lowes we found stair spindles that could be cut to fit the exact needed height. If I remember correctly they were around $4 a piece.

Other expenses: We used leftover paint from the kitchen cabinets, and I also already had the wood stain for the counter tops.  The only other thing we had to purchase was hardware to connect the counter tops together and a stud finder to hang the uppers.

I still have to purchase a taller stool and plan on making a slipcover for that.  I am also on the search for antique locker room baskets that will fit in the cubbies.  I plan on using those to hold all my different fabrics.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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4 Responses to Office Makeover Reveal

  1. Shanna says:

    Jena, This looks amazing! You are so resourceful! I love the dark stain against the white cabinets. I’ll definitely be getting that cabinet graveyard location from you when we get ready to build our little mansion on a hill. 😉 The jars look too cute and I love the metal baskets. Good job, girl!

    • Oh, thanks again to my faithful commenter! I have to actually give Justin credit on the idea to stain the counter tops…I’m glad I listened to him! I can’t wait to start hearing all your ideas for the new place!

  2. I am loving your room AND I am totally JEALOUS!! I would love to have this same workspace! I am currently sharing my scrap/art area with our Master bedroom! Ha! Again, great job!!

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